Commercial Property

Matthews Commercial Properties was established in 2019 with the goal of delivering our bespoke, high-quality designs to the commercial market. Our first project was a former MOT garage site located within the Lower Wick industrial estate, situated in south-west corner of Worcester.

Having appraised the site, we believed that the land was capable of accommodating a far greater level of development than was currently present. Moreover, our analysis also identified development needs for various end-occupiers. Following the purchase of the land, we successfully secured planning consent for the site’s redevelopment. Our planning permission allowed for the demolition of the existing building and for the construction of two new commercial units alongside a new gym. Our unwavering approach to design standards helped us secure leases for all three units prior to their construction. Presently, Matthews House is home to:

• Alt-Group Ltd who are leaders in providing sustainable energy solutions, including the installation of solar photovoltaic cells and biomass boilers.

• The manufacturing base for Guilt Trip Coffee + Donuts. Guilt Trip is a speciality coffee and donut shop; making fresh donuts every morning from their new premises. From experience, we can safely say that their donuts are a fantastic treat.

• Blueprint Training have taken occupation of the gym; which is Worcester’s biggest functional fitness training space. Through their new facility, the team at Blueprint Training seek to create the most enjoyable and educational fitness experience in the country.

The success of Matthews House has further enhanced our understanding of the commercial market. So much so that we are keen on further commercial land opportunities.